XCLD: The Story of Cancel Culture

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Ferne Pearlstein


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June 30

The notion of Cancel Culture, which grew out of a mostly progressive move to hold people accountable for bad behavior (especially racist or misogynistic language), has recently been co-opted by conservatives who–in equal measure–bemoan its “woke” goals, cast themselves as its victims, and attempt to use it themselves as a political power play, while seeking to deplatform opponents with similar strategies. But is Cancel Culture really new? Or really that powerful? Or really that bad? Executive Produced by Trevor Noah and directed by Ferne Pearlstein, XCLD is a nuanced look at this provocative and controversial issue that explores the evolution of Cancel Culture, from its history in different forms, to its contemporary genesis on Black Twitter, to where it is today: another divisive issue for people to argue over, and one that creates some exceptionally odd bedfellows.

Q&A with director Ferne Pearlstein follows the screening

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