The Clairidge Schedule:
Pre- and Post-Festival

Monday, October 16 - Wednesday, November 1



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Monday, October 16 – Wednesday, October 18:
The Clairidge will be closed to prepare for the Montclair Film Festival.

Thursday, October 19 – Sunday, October 22:
TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR returns.  Click here for tickets and showtimes.

Saturday, October 21 – Sunday, October 29:
The Montclair Film Festival is at The Clairidge!  Check out our full lineup here.

Thursday, October 26 – Sunday, October 29:
TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR returns.  Click here for tickets and showtimes.

Tuesday, October 31:
Join us for evening shows of THE KILLER, KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON, TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR and a special Halloween screening of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

Wednesday, November 1:
We are back to our normal schedule.  Click here for a complete list of films and showtimes.

Featured Films in this Series:

now playing

Sisi & I

July 19 - August 1

After an elaborate application process, Empress Elisabeth hires Countess Irma as her new lady-in-waiting and takes her to her summer residence on Corfu. As the two women become closer there, this soon leads to tensions back in Vienna.

now playing


July 19 - August 1

In pursuit of a serial killer, an FBI agent uncovers a series of occult clues that she must solve to end his terrifying killing spree.

coming soon

Raiders of the Lost Ark

July 27 & 30

Dr. Indiana Jones, a renowned archeologist and expert in the occult, is hired by the U.S. Government to find the ark of the covenant, which is believed to still hold the Ten Commandments.

coming soon

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

July 20 & 23

A cyborg, identical to the one who failed to kill Sarah Connor, must now protect her teenage son, John, from a more advanced cyborg, made out of liquid metal.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

July 13 & 16

Video game adventurer Lara Croft comes to life in a movie where she races against time and villains to recover powerful ancient artifacts.

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