Somebody’s Daughter

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Liam Galvin


Liam Galvin, Yvette Rowland


Zara Phillips, Jess Conrad, Daniel Peacock, Forbes Masson, Susie Ann Watkins, Claire Toeman, Dave Courtney, Eliza Roberts




52 min


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One Night Only, Saturday April 13!

Adopted as a baby in the 1960’s, becoming a backing vocalist in the 80’s, and getting sober at 22, Zara Phillips takes us on her journey to uncover the truth about her history.  The story is told with humor, and no-holds-barred honesty about the complexity of having four parents, becoming a mother and how to navigate it all. Based on Zara’s book and her recent one woman show, SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER is a moving exploration of the meaning of family and the self.

Music by Richard Thompson.

Q&A with Zara Phillips and Richard Thompson, moderated by Cindy Stagoff, Vice President of, follows the screening.

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